Batik Be Bag is run by a small enthusiastic team. Together we work every day to live up to our promise to create Batik Be' Bags. It is this promise that drives us to continuously improve our products, choice of materials, production methods and ways of working. 

The fact that we do not change the look of the bags, doesn’t mean that we do not improve our products. We do - especially when it comes to sustainability.        
- L. Kurniati, Head of Design


Knowing that the clothing industry – and especially fast-moving fashion – has a big environmental impact, we strive to bring a better and more sustainable product that proves that there is a better way for you and the environment.

We create slow fashion: well-thought-out sustainable products that are not intended to be used as waste right away. Batik Be Bag opts for contemporary style over fashion, and small series over mass production. We never overstock because we keep the design as it is over the years. We never burn unsold products at Batik Be Bag: all the materials and hard work of our skilled craftsmen and women in Bali, Indonesia will be used - and enjoyed - by our customers at some point.

Our designs are timeless, the quality is long-lasting. This makes our customers extend their collection rather than replacing it.


All Batik Be' Bags are handmade in Bali, Indonesia; near the markets we are active in. Made in Asia not always means a safe working environment and fair wages. Because we set up our own production factory we control poverty wages, waste and pollution our selfs.

Our partners – small and family-owned – share our love for quality, and pride themselves over their craftsmanship. It’s these craftsmen and craftswomen that bring all the elements together that form the true lasting quality – and style – of Batik Be Bag. We strive to build up robust and long-lasting partnerships; we are still with the same manufacturers we partnered with from day one.


Batik Be Bag is the alternative offer to the single-use plastic bags that you use for all kinds of purposes. The Batik patterns make them unique and there is always one that fits your style. We are constantly doing whatever it takes to reduce our ecological footprint, without impacting the quality and affordability of our colorful products. Let's ban the single-use plastic bag from our life.


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